Monday, July 14, 2008

Fockity Fock

Wow, I never thought I would be such a prolific blogger. Outstanding work! Outstanding!

No, I promised I wouldn't be too hard on myself but it is very confronting seeing my first post and feeling like it was just a week ago I turned 37 and thought this is it! I'm sick of sitting on my arse (I mean that more figuratively but that's not to say I don't do a lot of sitting on my arse literally), I'm going to get this blog happening and who knows what will happen!

and I'm 38! I can't believe how anxious that makes me. In the words of a nervous farmer Mick before his potentials drove up in tonight's episode of Farmer Wants a Wife - 'Ok, breaving. Remember to breave'.

Another thing I promised myself is that I wouldn't devote this post to ranting about me not writing. I am going to do what any blogger would do and write about something that happened to me today. As if I have approximately 364 posts behind me...and an audience! Who leave comments. wow weee

So what happened today? What happened that bears mentioning?

Well before I left work I went to the toilet to do wee wees. There was a distinct smell of fresh poo but I wasn't prepared for the HUGE line of poo down the toilet bowl. So I hurried out of that toilet and went to the second one (there are two cubicles). What makes this embarrassing is that of course someone went in after I had finished AND after the cistern in the toilet I used had finished filling up. This of course means that, to her, it could have been any of the two toilets I used and frankly if the players were reversed I would be very suspicious and since the smell was so warm I would be inclined to think the worst. Unfortunately it wasn't a situation where I was comfortable enough to plead my innocence. So there you have it, my colleague most likely thinks I'm totally disgusting.

A totally disgusting 38 year old.

Which makes me put it out there... who would leave a mud spatter like that? I just don't get it. I'm not ashamed to say my poo has left it's mark on toilet bowls in the past but I always brush it off with the toilet brush. I just don't get why you wouldn't..

I'm so glad I'm back to blogging. I promise you I will think of something better to talk about tomorrow. That's right, TOMORROW! I am going to post everyday now.

Oh, by the way...I don't think I won the Women's Weekly Writing competition...

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