Saturday, July 19, 2008

Crushes inspired by dreams

I've never been partial to white eyebrows but there is something about Farmer Nick.

"That's Wealthy Wine Maker Nick, if you don't mind, thanks"

Actually, by getting this little 'thing' out in the open I have to wonder if I have forestalled one of those crush dreams. You know the ones where you dream about someone and wake up really liking them. Sometimes they are just lovely and romantic but other's are full blown dirty sex. Sometimes they are grossly shudderingly inappropriate and you feel like a slapper and other times you feel like you're on cloud nine.* All warm and tingly and full of lerve...

I remember the first time I had one of these dreams. I was about thirteen and it involved the Rock Steady Crew.

Just one of them. Although looking at this blast from the past, I honestly can't remember who the lucky guy was. I will hazard a guess and say the third from the right.

Here are few others

*I can't wait til I can think up my own methaphors.

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