Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Well it could have been worse, it could have been 3 YEARS later...

Yes, 3 and a bit months doesn't actually seem all that long between postings but then again...
Well, the most important thing is that I'm actually HERE with Mrs Potato Head waving at me (hi!) like I've just got off the bus from a long trip away.

The truth is a lot more boring.

Just working and family life. Yes, very boring...yep, eherm.

It's so funny as since I launched this blog, I have been writing little witty posts in my head practically everyday and now that I sit down to type I'm might frit with stage fright. All of sudden, those witty musings seem a little bit pathetic, really..

Anyway, enough of these positive affirmations, I guess I should introduce myself to y'all. I am 37 and feel like I'm going on 13 sometimes. I honestly feel like an adult imposter, even though I'm doing all the adult kind of stuff i.e. marriage (well, defacto), kid and mortgage. Oh, and I work but it's a job...yah know? yah hears me? Just one of those things that we have to do to get some money and I think that might be the last thing I say about it. Except to say I do enjoy it and the people are great.

Where was I... I actually like being a kid in an adults body but still find it hard to enjoy the fact that I look like I'm in my twenties...I guess it must be because I've always looked heaps younger (as in looking 13 when I was 23..yeah, I know) or maybe it's more that I act younger? Either way it sometimes can get embarrassing..

One major reason for my starting a blog is to get the feel of writing again. I have always felt like a writer but haven't really managed to write anything worthwhile. I mean, I've never really kept a diary (and when I have, I've literally burnt them a few months afterwards - a strong reaction to extreme cringing); I've written TWO short stories (WooHoo) and despite undertaking the (or should I say 'The' ) Professional Screenwriting Advanced Diploma at RMIT I have pretty much nudda credents to show from it. Likewise, I have never been published...or even sent anything to be published. Like I keep saying...a major procrastinator am I! Everything has been on the backburner...that is until now...

I am going to to write a bestselling chick lit novel...That's right, you heard it here first. I am giving myself until June 2008 to finish my masterpiece and Schtickless is going to keep me in line..

I think that might be enough blabbing for now.

Phew, that wasn't so hard at all...infact it was rather fun!