Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Just look at her...

I can't believe I took this woman seriously enough to write to her. I mean, It's the equivalent of taking issue with an ancient drunk homeless man in stained grey tracksuit pants ranting at you to get your children away from his cash register with no cash register in sight given it's in the middle of the street. That guy would be saner than this woman. She is clearly living in some strange hell bubble or something - some other (very scary) plane of existence, her crazy blank eyes say it all.

Also, she only has 70 members in her so called church, most of which are family members.

I'm also sure my letter is one of thousands that site gets everyday as I googled her and lots of people really hate her. Given the way she pickets people's funerals, I'm really surprised she hasn't been beaten up badly or killed.

Anyway, she's written this open letter to Heath's family pleading with them to tell her where they are holding the funeral so she can go and hold a 'religious service' with her charming A Fag Dies. God Laughs. banners, no doubt. (Actually, go read it here. I can't believe the Ledger family are being so unreasonable).

Sooo, It seems like this loon is planning a trip downunder. I'm going to keep track and if she does I reckon someone (who knows maybe me) should organise a massive welcoming committee of Drag Queens and Dykes on Bikes for her airport arrival. I think that would be perfect. All yelling out 'We love you Shirley' and trying to kiss her and her eleven kids and stuff.

I'm procrastinating. 30 days til WWWriting Comp deadline. Better hop hop hoppity to it!

Monday, January 28, 2008

What hope do we have to evolve as a species...

....with people like this still around?

I can't tell you how much right wing evil Christians make my blood boil. When I say 'Evil Christian' I by no way mean that all right wing Christians are evil. I want to make it clear that I mean 'evil' as opposed to 'good' Christians. I just realised now I find it difficult to write right wing 'good' christians...I'm sure there are some though, just a few...

Anyway Shirley Phelps-Roper is Evil! And this is what I just wrote to her:

I've just heard the hate and vitriol spewing from the mouth of Shirley Phelps-Roper regarding Heath Ledger's death. I'll assume I'm one of quite a few Australians who have contacted you since her interview on 2UE.

I just feel sorry for you Shirley, and those like you. You must all have very sad, small, twisted and bitter existences because no-one saying the things you say can by truly happy, content, joyous or free. I am not a Christian but believe that there was an amazing man by the name of Jesus who existed a long time ago and got the people around him to think about things a bit more deeply. I also believe that he spread the word of love for the world and for fellow human beings. You, on the other hand spread the word of Hate don't you? Your feeble little brains do compute that? I mean if I was to do a word search on the word 'hate' it would come up 200 or so times on your website. 'God Hates America' 'God Hates Canada' God Hates, God Hates, God Hates…What kind of message is that? All this hate and images of hell must be attracting the darkest energies into your life. It must be an awful and woeful burden to bear. And you have devoted your whole life to it? What a waste..

I believe man created god in his image, not the other way around but if I was wrong and YOUR god exists; that there is this thick, twisted, sadistic, megalomaniac in the sky somewhere creating sick, desperate tests for his own amusement and waiting for us to slip up in our humanity then quite frankly, I'm very happy not be invited to his 'heaven'…I’d be avoiding hell, more like it.

But of course, I don't think I have it wrong; Your God makes absolutely no sense to me – it’s the worse kind of fairy tale. While I haven't closed all doors on what's on the other side of death, I do treat This Blessed, Miraculous Life as the only one I know I've got for certain and make it as magical and wonderful as I can. I love to smile and laugh. I love my diverse group of friends (yes, of course this includes people who are gay). I love knowing that life is a journey and that I'm learning and gathering wisdom on the way and will continue; I will never be too old. I love caring for the planet and helping out my fellow travellers whenever and wherever I can. I love being happy, I love it when inspiration stirs me. I live life with my eyes and heart wide open and I am so very glad I am nothing like you.

I tried to post it on her website but I'm guessing there are a few people who want to give her their two cents worth. I'll keep y'all posted.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Back to School!

All is well with the Conference in New Zealand...

Rivetted, I'm sure..

45 days and counting to the Women's Weekly Writing Competition deadline...SHHHIIIIT!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Assertiveness and Assumptions

Continuing on from where I left off yesterday, resolution No. 8 is to grow some balls! I tend to presume things or let things go only to stew over them for a day...then wake up early the next day to give them a good stir and let them simmer some more. I think this has got everything to do with giving a shit what people think of me. Really who CARES what people think? I could never in a million years be a rude prick or snidey bitch so what am I worried about? I can, however, be a grovelling apologiser and frankly I'm sick of it.

This has all come about because I woke up about half an hour ago stewing and simmering over some loose ends I left at work two and half weeks ago. I remember the first day of my leave, when 3 weeks spanned like eternity ahead of me, a little thought snuck into my head. It went a little like this:

"Don't you dare give one thought to work for three weeks."

Propping up this lovely thought was the feeling that everything was pretty much under control. Then I thought this:

"Shit, I really should have registered (da boss) for that conference in in New Zealand."


"Fuck! Why didn't I do it? I know it wasn't signed off but I could have at least got the registration form in."


"Fuck, fuck, I'm an idiot. I've really got to do something about this now."

The registration forms were with the finance department ready and waiting to be approved. I have an ok relationship with this department in general but it can sometimes get a bit grrrr with the book keeper (we'll just call her Toots). Generally Toots and I get along rather well. Her good points are that she can be really, really nice and helpful and I reckon she generally means well. Her not so good points are that she can get pretty rude (when she's in a bad mood) and let's just say she's not adverse to the odd power trip.

Anyway, I wanted to impinge on my holiday mindset in the least possible way so I sent an email to Toots the week after Christmas asking her to locate the conference forms and put them aside so I could come in and fax them off that week. The office is located in Fitzroy which is about a ten minute drive from home and where I do all me fun stuff so this wasn't going to be a hassle.

I get a very nice email back from Toots saying she will 'sort it out' and to 'enjoy my holiday'. Do I gather from this that she will fax the goddamn forms or just put them aside? Do I ask her to clarify? NO, just a grovelly thank you and an undeclared assumption that 'sort it out' means faxing the conference forms.

I just manage to not worry about it....Until the beginning of this week.

So I email her again.

"Thanks again blahdeblahblah...did you fax those conference forms?"

Her response was "I did everything you asked me to do".

Now I am worried but what do I do? If I'd reached the stage where I honestly acted in my best interest and not in the interest of hoping Toots doesn't think I'm a mother hubbard worrywort I would call her and demand a straight answer (in the nicest possible way, of course!)

I haven't reached my goal YET so right now I just have to hope for the best and assume that her above response is a roundabout way of saying 'Yes, I did fax those forms that very day."

Now that you are rivetted by my rich working life I will be sure to keep you posted on what happens when I get back to work next Monday.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Years Moxies

Well, well, well...what do we 'ave 'ere then?

A new year, that's what!

I'm feeling quite jittery and weird right now having just purchased a DVD/HD recorder for 600 smackas. It's not a lot of money really but in our household it sneaks in as a 'big ticket item'*. Spending money gives me the heebie jeebies. Especially when it takes you to places like Harvey Norman where there are TVs that cost our total savings...what does this say? That we have a pittance in our bank account or that TV's are fucking stupidly expensive these days? Maybe a bit of both...

New Years resolutions! I've already started one which is this blog. I'm going to be more dedicated this year and maybe a bit more open about it too. There are a few people who vaguely know I am doing this but I'm much too embarrassed to let them know where to find me. This is a bit silly as one of the reasons I started this was so people would read it and then hopefully come back and read some more. I've been meaning to start this since getting into Dooce and Fussy. I'm sure there are some great Australian bloggers too but I haven't really come across any that I enjoy and relate to as much (funnily enough!) as my two best friends mentioned above**. Ok, I'll admit it. I am also intrigued that people (such as Heather from Dooce) seem to be making a very noice living out of this. I would like to do that. So, yes, I guess that makes Blogging (with the view to getting an audience - arghh scary!) as Resolution No. 1.

No. 2 Is to suss out this kinesology thing. I've got a couple of friends who swear by it. From what I hear it's about unblocking stuff (I'm sure they can do a much better job explaining it here) and I've got big hopes it will miraculously explode my writer's block in a spectacular fashion. Basically I want to be able to put the running commentary in my head down on paper...which leads quite neatly into Resolution No. 3...

...Write a novel! Yes! Yes! That short story I am supposedly doing for the Women's Weekly Short Story Competition (51 days to get it in and counting) is kind of a synopsis of the novel I want to write. Just an easy chick lit read but different and wonderful because I've written it with that elusive spark (once I get hold of it through kinesiology..yeah baby)

No. 4 Is to be more loving and attentive to my partner. I won't go into any deets at the moment. Just that I need to get the ol' fires twinkling again.

No. 5 Write down and record the funny things Pascal says. He still has his baby voice and baby way of saying things and I know I will miss it very much when he is an overacting attention seeking five year old.***

No. 6 Become more open to opportunity. Stop feeling like I've left everything too late goddamit! Feel inspired.

No. 7 Get fit and a hot bod in the process.

No. 7 Write something.......


* Apologies for using such a wanky Harvey Normanesque turn of phrase
** I am kidding. I am not best friends with Heather and Eden. They do not know I exist.
*** I will still love him desperately!