Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What a day...

Actually it wasn't that bad...

I woke up feeling like crap though. It's me rags.. does it to me every time it does! The PMT has been particularly bad this month. I've just been so hypersenstive, stuttery and dithery. I've been quite paranoid, where I feel like people are having a go or think I'm really stupid. Where I feel like crying at my own stupidity.

What am I saying? Feel like crying?? How about fucking bawling because instead of entering the sunrise sms competition to win a $5000 myer gift card, I subscribed to mobile babes or something and the dodgy bastards promptly charged me $4.50 for a text (which incidentally I haven't seen and doesn't seem to exist). Yes, I sobbed and boohooed for a good five minutes, I reckon. Luckily Pascal was blissfully asleep at the time. Anyway back to Hotbabeland...

Sunrise's number is 19777077 while dodgy bros is 19770777. I'm sure they've made hundreds, if not thousands because of this.

I was surprised at the helpfulness of the Optus staff who were clearly helping me from Mumbai. The guy I got did something from his end but also told me to text 'stop' to the same number. He also gave me a 1300 number which I called.

I got this girl who was all doubt due to fielding calls all day from people who accidentally subscribed (which would make up 85 percent of their clientale, no doubt) and just told me to text stop. I asked her if there was any way I could get my $4.50 back but she basically told me it was my fault - 'human error' so they couldn't. Bullshit. I'm so calling them tomorrow and giving them a piece of my mind. I honestly can't believe that this is legal. I mean, if I didn't stop to check my balance after I'd made the call I'd be none the wiser and how many of these $4.50 texts do they bombard you with during the course of a day? It's disgusting..

So yes, that happened. Then, I burnt the shit out of the last two pieces of cafe style raisin toast. The internet connection kept on cutting out. I stubbed my toe.

And I didn't win anything in this