Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We did a play called Save Our Earth and I was the methane gas*

My my. Another day of Morning pages and another night of blogging. Things are going well aren't they.

I've been feeling pretty hormonal lately. I mentioned my week of turning 38 angst yesterday and it was pretty bad this morning. For some reason I got suddenly teary about the no-shows who didn't come to my birthday party. MWAAAAHAAAHAHA.

I will usually try and deny it but I have to admit I'm very sensitive to this kind of thing.

This year I shared the birthday party with a friend who is in and out of the country at the moment. We share a bunch of friends, these guys came and my closest friends came too which all lead to the night being a really nice one..I have really, really good friends - totally lucked out in that department so I hope what I am about to whinge about doesn't detract from the warm fuzzies I have about these friends.

"We will always love you!"

It started with the niggling feeling the next day (aided and abettored by one mother of a hangover) - Why didn't blah blah even email me back? What was so important (or the better offer) that blah piked at the last minute and couldn't tell me why? I had a brief Monday respite from these feelings of rejection but today - yep today, there were actual tears.

It's just that I feel so insignificant. My invite fell on deaf ears and the silence was deafening. How else can I take it? I wasn't even worth a response. And my invite was really funny! It had two old ladies smoking cigars and I spent all night on it due to my nuffy photoshop skills. I was ignored!

BUT but (I hasten to add) it is my hormones playing havoc. I've been through the wringer with them but I'll save that for another post. I should also say a big sorry for all the times I've let people down and made them feel the way I'm feelin' now..

I really hope my posts get better, funnier, more interesting, deep, witty, articulate, eloquent, smarter, succinct...less nuffy!

This is a really shit post.

More shit to come! Seeya tomorrow!

* Quoted from the article What kind of adult will Gen Z be? Sunday Life 13 July 2008

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