Friday, February 29, 2008

By Jove I did it!

Yes, I sent in my story to the Australian Women's Weekly Writing Competition!

Although, I had the fright of my life when I decided to double check the deadline. In the entry form terms and conditions in the November Women's Weekly it states the deadline as last mail 4 February 2008.

Usually I would have run around like a tearful maniac yelling "FUUUCK!", but instead I was quite calm and collected. The voice inside my head was like 'Yeah, you probably wouldn't have won so wha'EVA!'....I think it was the shock.

Then I thought hang on a minute, where the hell did I get 29 February from. I distinctly remember seeing it in print. I looked it up on the web and sure enough...

As usual, I left it to the eleventh hour to get really stuck into it. This means (as usual) I am too scared to look at the final draft for fear of finding some major clanger mistakes. I really don't learn do I? My grand idea involved giving a completed final draft to carefully selected friends a month before the deadline.

...Next time.

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